Choosing the Best Restaurants in Baltimore for a Fun Day Trip

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Choosing the Best Restaurants in Baltimore for a Fun Day Trip

Baltimore is a foodie's paradise for a number of reasons. From the iconic Maryland blue crab and Smith Island cake to the Natty Boh and coddies — you will find it all here. Whether you are a local or visiting the place, you must try crab cakes, Berger cookies, and pit beef.

The best part is that you will find some of the best restaurants in Baltimore for fine dining and world-class cuisines.

You can also easily travel in the Maryland city thanks to various modes of transportation. If you don't want to take the MARC train or the bus and want to plan a long drive in your car, you can do that as well.

Why Should You Visit the Best Restaurants in Baltimore in a Car

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However, if you are planning a day of fun and fine dining, you better know which places are the best for it. So, without further ado, let's get to it.

How to Choose the Best Restaurants in Baltimore

Baltimore, the historical city of Maryland, has many things to offer. You cannot dismiss the charm of its fresh, exotic seafood and signature drinks. So, it is essential to list the best places in town when you are planning a day of fun.

Even for the general foodie, it is essential. So, let's look at the common factors that all the best restaurants in Baltimore have.

  • Location: The location and distance of the restaurant are crucial factors. Also, the best restaurants in Baltimore have the best locality around. Some eateries are placed by the lake or riverside, which provides an excellent view.
  • Ambiance: While the locality determines the external atmosphere, the ambiance reflects on the interiors of the eatery. If you want to enjoy good food, then the proper music, mood, and art should accompany you.
  • Specific cuisines: Certain restaurants will offer their unique set of cuisines. So, if you have any particular dish in mind, it is better to know which places serve them best. For instance, you must go to Faidley's Seafood bar at 203 N Paca St to experience the best crab cakes in Baltimore.
  • Budget: Price is another thing to consider when choosing the best restaurants in Baltimore. You wouldn't want to splurge your entire month's savings on a weekend trip. Also, it is better to look for places that provide value for the money.
  • Service: Apart from mouth-watering cuisine, excellent service is the true mark of the best restaurants in Baltimore. Read reviews of the restaurants to get a clear idea of the previous customer experience. Also, be nice to the waiters and waitresses, so they enjoy catering to your needs.

The Three Best Restaurants in Baltimore

We have enlisted the three best restaurants in Baltimore, depending on the above factors. We tried to include different dining options for vegetarians and seafood lovers. Of course, there are many other options in the city. However, if this is your first visit to Baltimore, you should definitely start with these options.

The Land of Kush

Address: 840 N Eutaw St, Baltimore, MD 21201

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, you might have trouble finding the right spot to eat in Baltimore, famous for its beef and seafood. However, this laid-back hangout is the perfect dining place that offers drive-through options.

Cindy Lou's Fish House

Address: 1215 Wills St, Baltimore, MD 21231

The restaurant, part of the famous Foreman Wolf restaurant group in Baltimore, is overseen by chef Cindy Wolf, a James Beard Award nominee. This place will absolutely spoil you for choices if you are a seafood lover.

True Chesapeake Oyster Co.

Address: 3300 Clipper Mill Rd Suite 400, Baltimore, MD 21211

Run by Zack Mills, Patrick Hudson, and Nick Schauman, the True Chesapeake Oyster Co. is a premium seafood restaurant. Located in the Whitehall Mill, it is well-known for roasted oysters, middle neck clams, and spaghetti.

Last Words

For a gastronome, it does not get better than planning a day out to the best restaurants in Baltimore. Also, this list should get you started with which places to eat when driving around Baltimore.

You will have no hassle traveling by car or public transportation in the city. However, you must keep your vehicle well maintained when planning these things. Premium dealerships, like Audi Annapolis, serve customers in Baltimore, MD, and surrounding areas, regarding these matters.

So, save this list and make your next trip memorable.