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Audi Service

Nicole Joyner
Audi Service Consultant
(443) 482-3250

Did you know most of your Audi scheduled maintenance services can be completed in about an hour using our exclusive "Audi Executive Service"?  Our service clients have been asking about a quicker alternative service while you wait and Audi Annapolis has delivered!! Come in and try it out, you will not be disappointed!  It's like overnight shipping for the same price as normal mail!!  Ask for me when you come in, no need to call or schedule an appointment.  I will take great care of you when you show up.  I look forward to seeing you!

Mike Adams
Audi Service Consultant

Jennifer Robinson
Audi Executive Service
(443) 482-3250

Jerry Todd
Audi Service Advisor
(443) 482-3250

I have been in the business for over 15 years and I very much enjoy taking care of our fantastic Audi owners.  If your looking to be taken care of fairly and effectively in our service department, please ask for me.  I will get the job done for you.  I look forward to seeing you.

Kimberly Savage
Audi Service Advisor
(443) 482-3250

Ray Johns
Audi Service Consultant
(443) 482-3250

Come in and see me for all of your Audi service needs.  If your needs are relatively straight forward, I may be able to take care of you while you wait!  I want to provide the most efficient service possible while getting your vehicle repaired right the first time.  My goal is 100% client satisfaction and I truly mean that.  I am also an avid fan of playing racquetball and playing the guitar in my free time.  Experience the Excellence at Audi Annapolis.

Adam Holsworth
Service Manager
(443) 482-3287

Thank you for visiting Audi Annapolis' service department.  I have been with the Criswell organization in Annapolis for 17 years, being promoted through the service department for many years.  I love taking care of our Audi clients and it is my goal to make sure you are 100% satisfied with my staff and with our performance.  I also love Audi's with a passion and I am fascinated by the superb engineering of the Audi vehicles.  Come in and check out our new, "Executive Service" where we complete the vast majority of your scheduled service needs in about (1) hour!!  Thank you for your business.


Leasing/Sales Department

Amy Anderson
Audi Brand Specialist
443-482-3250 x410

Al Zayas
Leasing/Sales Department
(443) 482-3250

I'm Al Zayas and I have been with the organization for over 10 years and am happy to help you with you new Audi needs !

Phil Marshall
Audi Brand Specialist
(443) 482-3278

If your looking for a true professional to assist with your Audi lease or purchase, please ask for me.  I have been in the automobile business for many years and I am elated to be at Audi Annapolis with great management support which enables me to give you world class service with world class Audi products.  Come in and ask for me today, I will work at your pace with professionalism.  Thank you for your business.

Bill Nash
Audi Brand Specialist
(443) 482-3250

Welcome to Audi Annapolis!  It would be my pleasure to show and take you for a test drive in one of our wonderful Audi vehicles.  Not only do they drive great but they are also covered with a fantastic warranty, 4 years/50,000 miles!  Include all scheduled maintenance during that time frame for only $995!  If your looking for a great buying experience, please ask for me when you visit Audi Annapolis.  I look forward to meeting you!

Brian Moore
Leasing/Sales Department
(443) 482-3250

I have been at Audi Annapolis for many years now and absolutely love taking care of our fantastic Audi clients.  I am fully trained on all of the new Audi products, their features and the advantages of our wonderful Audi models over our competition.  Come in and see me for a fantastic test drive and a great purchasing/leasing experience.  

Tim Ellis
Audi Brand Specialist
(443) 482-3256

Thank you for visiting Audi Annapolis.  I would be happy to assist you with your leasing or financing needs or any questions you may have regarding the Audi product.  I am a Certified Audi Brand specialist and have extensive knowledge regarding the Audi product and have been with Audi Annapolis for 7 years. If you want an excellent sales experience, please ask for me, I will work at the pace you're comfortable with.


Sales Manager

Tom Stancavage
Sales Manager
(443) 482-3297

Thank you for visiting Audi Annapolis.  I am proud to be the Audi Sales manager and have the ability to represent some of the finest products in the WORLD!  That may sound bold, but the Audi products are just outstanding.  This is not only my opinion but also the opinion of the Audi owners that I had the pleasure to assist with their Audi purchase from Audi Annapolis.  Come visit our brand new, state of the art Audi facility, conveniently located on West Street in Annapolis. I am here to serve you!


Leasing/Finance Manager

Dawn Harper
Finance Manager
(443) 482-32

I am your extended warranty specialist.  Please let us say "yes" in the service department by purchasing an Audi Annapolis warranty.  That way, if something should break outside of your new vehicle warranty, you are most likely covered and will not have to pay for that repair.  Please see me for full warranty and coverage details, it would be my pleasure to assist you.


Audi Parts

Doug Staszak
(443) 482-3280

I love Audi parts and I am your Audi parts expert.  We stock a huge selection so you do not have to wait.  If we don't have the part your looking for I will get it for you in one day.  Please be sure to ask for me, I will take great care of you.

Dominick Holland
Audi Parts
(443) 482-3280

Marcus Monroe
Audi Parts
(443) 482-3280

I love working at Audi Annapolis and having all of the new state of the art technology to get the parts you need FAST and ACCURATELY!  I am efficient and will do everything I can to assist in helping you get the job done.  Please ask for me when you call, it would be my pleasure to assist you.


Parts Manager

Jamie Davis
Parts Manager
(443) 482-3250

I am your parts professional, stocking the right parts to ensure your vehicle is repaired in a timely manor.  I have been in the automobile parts business the majority of my adult life.  I have been with Criswell Audi for a total of 7 years.  Audi Annapolis gives me the latitude to perform my job in a very effective manor which translates to great service to you.  If you have any parts questions that my parts team cannot answer, please be sure to contact me.



George Criswell
(443) 482-3232

Thank you for choosing Audi Annapolis!  We are very happy to have opened one of the nicest Auto Dealerships in the entire Maryland area.  Built from the ground up, the facility is fresh and designed to cater to your needs at the highest level.  We opened the store for you in August, 2016.  We have been happy to provide the highest level of service with the Audi products since 1991 in Annapolis.  Come in and "Experience the Excellence!" at Audi Annapolis.

Steve Savageaux
General Manager
(443) 482-3250

Welcome to Audi Annapolis!  I have been with the Criswell organization in Annapolis, MD for over 20 years in multiple positions within the store over that time.  Most importantly I am here to ensure you "Experience the Excellence!" with your sales and service visits. Please be sure to call on me if I can be of any assistance to you.  Thank you for your business!