Signs Your Car Battery Needs To Be Replaced

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Signs Your Car Battery Needs To Be Replaced

There's nothing worse than a dead car battery. If you're on your way to work or a date, and the battery dies, you're stranded on the side of the road. The good news is that some signs of when a new battery is needed can be spotted easily if you pay attention to your vehicle.

As you most likely know, the battery is a vital part of your car. It is responsible for starting your vehicle and providing power to all its electrical components. Sadly, it's one of those things that some people don't think about until they need to — don't be one of them!

Below, we'll talk about some of the most common signs that your car's battery is on its last legs.

The Engine Takes Time To Start

If starting your engine takes longer time than usual, it could be due to a dead battery. Some vital components inside of it are weakened over time and become less effective at supplying electricity.

When you turn on your car and notice a clicking sound as if it's trying to start up but just can't do so — the most likely culprit is a battery with very little to no power. You may still be able to revive it through jumpstarting but remember that the average lifespan of car batteries is around 3-4 years. If this is the case and you have an old one, consider getting your car a new battery.

Dimming Headlights

Dimming headlights are one of the most common and obvious signs that your car battery is bad. It indicates that there is not enough power being distributed to the rest of your vehicle. If you notice that the lights emitted by your car are getting faint, consider replacing your car battery.

Be responsible and aware of your car's battery condition, as driving, especially at night, with very dim headlights is dangerous for you and others on the road.

Frequent Electrical Malfunctions

A weak battery might be to blame if you're experiencing electrical malfunctions in your car. Electrical malfunctions can range from headlights flickering to the car not starting at all. A weak or failing battery may have difficulty supplying power to the car's components.

Some of the electronics in your car might also not function properly, such as digital screens and speakers. If they stop working altogether, you may need to replace the battery because it doesn't have enough juice left for them.

If you're experiencing frequent electrical malfunctions in your vehicle, it could be time to replace your car's battery.

Unpleasant Smell Under The Hood

If you open the hood of your car and there's a foul, rotten egg-like smell, it could mean that sulfuric acid has leaked from the battery.

Sulfuric acid is corrosive and irritant and can damage other parts of your vehicle if left unchecked for a long period. If you notice this, don't ignore it and bring your car to an auto mechanic. If the battery is indeed the reason for the stink and not the engine oil or something else, replace it as soon as possible.

Corroded Battery Connectors

If your car doesn't seem to have the power to start, it could be a battery problem — see if its contact points are corroded. Corrosion happens when acid leaks out of the battery due to a variety of reasons, such as accidents and wear and tear. Whatever the reason, corroded battery connectors can prevent your vehicle from functioning properly as they hinder the flow of electricity.

When corrosion builds up on battery connectors, other parts of your vehicle could also get damaged. You may try to remove the corrosion using a toothbrush or a dry rag. However, if the corrosion is too much, consider buying a new battery for your car.

The Battery Is Cracked, Leaking, Or Swollen

If your car's battery is cracked, leaking, or swollen, it's time to replace it. Don't neglect these issues, as chemical reactions inside a battery combined with extreme temperatures can be very dangerous in the wrong circumstances. If any of the above characteristics apply to your vehicle's battery, replace it as soon as possible.

Also, do not attempt to repair a faulty car battery. Dispose of it properly by taking it to a local recycling center and replace it with a new one.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has helped you determine when to get a new car battery. Remember that it's one of the most important parts of your car, so when needed, replace it as soon as possible to avoid causing additional damage to other parts of your vehicle.

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